Disaster Recovery

We’ll help protect your critical ICT systems, minimize data loss and keep your business running with our wide range of Disaster Recovery solutions for all types of business.

Protecting your critical ICT systems

For all sizes of organization, as ICT has become more critical to the running of business, combined with lower prices for technology, people have been looking for ways to protect themselves against loss, embarrassment and outage, rather than simply ensuring that lost or corrupted data can be restored.

We offer a range of sophisticated continuity solutions for all sizes and types of business. Our Disaster Recovery services will ensure that your critical ICT systems are always protected, data loss is minimized and that your business is always up and running.

Our Business Continuity solutions

Here’re a brief overview of the technical benefits of our continuity solutions for medium and larger sized businesses. For more detailed information about these solutions, please see our Datto Business Continuity Solutions page.

We also offer a Cloud Backup service for smaller businesses who want something simple but offer some of the advantages of a remote continuity solution.

• Increased fault tolerance through replication and (uniquely) automated recoverability testing and verification
• Virtualization awareness, with failover to virtual servers (local or Cloud) as quick as within 5 seconds
• Optimal utilization of broadband on both LAN and connections to Cloud or Data Center
• Ability to build new full images, prior to recovery, from previous versions of files, saving time and protecting against corrupt images – these all contribute to lower recovery times
• Alerting and audit trail for changes to files and images over time

Benefits of our continuity solutions

Faster recovery
• New technologies offer options to ensure that you can be up and running in hours (or quicker) rather than days.

Recovery to/from a remote location
• A fire in your building, for example, might mean that all your data and systems have gone, along with the backups to recover them. Having secure remote continuity options get around this risk.

Insurance against technical issues
• In a crisis, finding out that something has gone wrong with your backups can be heart-sinking. There are ways to minimize the risks, such as those from hardware failure, backup/archive software errors, or widespread data corruption getting replicated to your recoverable files.

Planning and implementing a Business Continuity policy
• Many companies, perhaps as part of a quality or standards programmed, are implementing policies for continuity and disaster recovery in their organization. A robust continuity solution for ICT will be a major step towards achieving this.

More than just your files
• Continuity solutions reduce risk and cover more than just file recovery – they can recover entire systems, previous versions of files and entire systems, and the ability to rebuild and create images of your servers, and so on.

What else you’ll gain from us
• Our experience and track record as technology experts
• We’re there for you, so you have expertise when it’s most needed
• Cost-effective monitoring, management and ongoing IT Support for your continuity systems
• We’re a Datto Partner and have a great relationship with them, covering all continuity solutions up to the most complex level
• We cover advice, initial consulting, design, project management, installation, configuration and training
• Complete pricing transparency – no hidden costs

What next?
Whether you’re a small business or a corporate, regardless of expertise or presence of your own IT resources, to discuss your Disaster Recovery services and solutions, please contact us today or call (302)295-4825.

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