Workstation Management

Workstation Management

Managing your computer performance is necessary for your continued business success. Our Managed Workstation services will ensure that your PCs and laptops are continuously monitored and in optimum health.

Managing your PCs and laptops
Without doubt, you depend on your PCs and laptops and whenever there is downtime there is an inevitable productivity drop.

Keeping on top of computer maintenance can be a huge drain and distraction that takes you away from more strategic activities that will help you move forward.

What we cover
Our Managed Workstation Services will reduce your downtime and ensures that you needn’t worry about any of the following issues – we’ll deal with them for you.
• Keeping an audit of your computers and their specifications
• Reporting on them, including their software
• Reporting on any incidents or problems that occur
• Remote event management
• Early identification and resolution of any problems through 24x7 monitoring
• Updating any software: the latest patches and hotfixes applied painlessly and comprehensively
• Updating any security and threat management tools
• Ensuring that computer performance remains optimal
• Day-to-day IT Support for your staff while using computers and laptops

We’ll monitor, maintain and support them for you ensuring that they’re healthy and operating at their optimum level.

What’s involved?
As part of our IT support service we will install a secure, but unobtrusive, software agent on to your desktop computers (PCs, laptops or servers), and this monitors and notifies us of alerts, including:
• Anti-virus and threat management
• Security
• Performance issues
• Email performance
• Disk space
• Backups
• Hardware / software
• Networking

Is this service suitable for you?
Our Managed Workstation Service is fully scalable, from a few computers right up to a corporate environment, so suitable for any type and size of business.

It’s also perfect whether you’re a business manager or you have an in-house System Administrator – either way, you’ll be free from the distraction of housekeeping and able to get on with those beneficial projects.

What next?
For more information about our Managed Workstation services and to discuss your needs further, please contact us today or call (302)295-4825 to speak to an expert member of our team.

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